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429: Innovation practices of the best companies – with Sally Kay

Product Innovation Educators

The award started in 1988, and in 2004 the OCI committee was asked to write a chapter for the PDMA Handbook of New Product Development about the OCI award. We conducted two more retrospective analyses covering 2004-2013 and 2014-2021. 9:40] What are key innovation practices that winners have in common?

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Saying Goodbye

The Product Bistro

Sales training in 2004 in Europe. It has become almost a religion to me, and I think that I have done some memorable runs: Paris -Running to the Eiffel Tower, through the Arc de Triomphe and back to our hotel (2004 sales training.). I should have known that would be a harbinger of the level of travel that I would need to do. (My


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Nulab makes IPO listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Founded in 2004 in Japan, Nulab creates productivity software used by over 4 million people in over 190 countries. For more information on the listing, please visit the Japan Exchange Group. For investor relations information, please refer to our Nulab Japan investor relations webpage. About Nulab.

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Amazon’s 6-page memos; How does it work?


The practice began in 2004 when Jeff Bezos noticed nothing was being decided after 60-minute long meetings with his inner circle (AKA S-Team). The practice began in 2004 when Jeff Bezos noticed nothing was being decided after 60-minute long meetings with his inner circle (AKA S-Team). Why memos over Powerpoint?

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I Was a Product Manager Before It Was Cool


2004 feels like a century ago. But 2004 was the year that a mentor took. Think about it. We didn’t have Airbnb and Uber. It would be three more years before the first iPhone would make its appearance, two years before the launch of AWS, and almost a full decade before the emergence of Slack.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Bain Public

FITC Toronto 2004, Canada Flash Forward 2004, San Francisco, U.S. FITC Winnipeg 2006, Canada FITC Toronto 2006, Canada FITC Toronto 2005, Canada Flash Forward 2005, New York, U.S. Flash Forward 2005, San Francisco, U.S. Banff Interactive Screen 2003, Banff, Canada Flash Forward 2002, San Francisco, U.S.

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10+ Resources to awaken your strategic brain

The Product Coalition

Blue Ocean Strategy Published in 2004, the ideas of professors W. Joan Magretta summarizes the most important concepts Porter developed over his career: Competitive advantage, The value chain, Five forces, Industry structure, Differentiation, Relative cost. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne quickly gained popularity.